Frazetta... new year resolutions.

To help those of you out there wanting to quit smoking in the new year, Mr. Frazetta is here to help.

I wish there were palm trees...

set against a sunset... reflected in that window... I can almost see it.

The Van... "beach scene" revisited.

I thought this scene could use some freshening up. If you're familiar with this part of the movie then it's kind of funny, if not, well... uhh, yea, whatever. Just enjoy.

Steve Nutter's "Rainbow Racing" Van

makes a great gift

"How it Do" Hidden Spare

If you're anything like me, interior space is like gold on a road trip. Getting that damn spare from under the bed is a top priority in my book. This example is one way to do it... but it kind of sucks, being off to the side like that. If you have sidepipes and room above your driveline, just make the appropriate bits and cinch it right up against the floor in the center. That way it's completely out of sight but easy enough to get to if needed.

Fly with Stretchform

"How it Do" Venturi Vent Install

Lee Sherwood's "Guenther"

Tony Licata's "Van Detta"

damn its been cold here... part 2

Those of you in the colder areas of the country probably by now know how poor the heaters are in these old vans. I found this morning that the screws that are holding up my ceiling panels were completely frosted over...brrrr. Yea, on the inside. Pretty much every screw in the van that was attached to one of the ribs looked the same.

Damn cold. It's not really too bad driving after about an hour or so, it kind of starts to warm up. Not sure about the other makes but the Dodge has a horrible heating system. Maybe it's partly because of the huge space that needs heat? I thought that some sort of heater in the rear somewhere, somehow, would help out a ton.
Found this article on just that subject not even an hour later, weird. Looks like I'm headed to the yard... again... its cold there.

Teerts Nav?... random webbernauting score

Found this while wondering around the intrerwebs today...

"thinglets: 10 Signs of a Great 70's Van Print Ad

Signs of a great 70s van print ad:

1) All the girls are wearing bikini tops.

2) All the guys are stoned or on their way there.

3 The Sun is smiling.

4) Speech bubbles pop up with great quotes like: "Did you know Street Van spelled backwards is Teerts Nav?"

5) The air is full of psychedelic rainbows.

6) You can clip a fill-in form to send for FREE INFORMATION.

7) It comes with a "Customizing Idea Kit" to help the guys... who are on their way.

8) Retro Terms: high-back buckets, ve-ry hea-vy, seat freak, do it yourself porthole, fat Polyglas Tires.

9) Van roofs are for sunbathing.

10) You get a free one year membership in the "Van Clan"... 'nuff said."

Original Site:

Vanning & Beach Daze

Here's a short edit I put together of the awesome "Vanning and Beach Daze" footage from Bob "Tiki" Lyon of the Wheels of Confusion van club. Tiki Bob is one of the nicest guys I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. He has so many great stories about the early days of vanning. He was right there in it, doing it, living it for real. Right up until it got out-of-hand that is. All the big money rigs, the competitions, the sanctioned events, ruined it for him. So what does he do? Cuts for mexico surf and lives in his van! The real deal.
Thanks so much Brother Bob, for sharing this great piece of history with me, and for letting me share it with the rest of the vanning world.
Keep those stories coming... I love 'em!

damn its been cold here...

but still driving daily, probably not the best thing for it because of the salt,
but doughnuts are fun.

turkey day

sorry... nothing all that relevant for the occasion, 'cept this...
Turk's super-awesome, mind-blowing, mid-econo.

Couple more pics of Chase's new Dodge.

Can't wait to see what he does with it, I'm sure it will be creepy...
Stay tuned to the VanCreeps blog for better pics and mo'details.

Looks super nice, congrats again man!

Ohhhh shit... what's this?

Congrats man! Glad you held-out? I am bummed you won't be coming up to hangout though.


Brew Holster Cult

So some of you may have noticed the super-rad beer holder thingy hanging from one of my side cargo doors, the one with "Snake Bit" tooled into it? Yea, that one. It's made by a company called "Brew Holster Cult" out of CA. I can't say enough good stuff about this thing. Super detailed and top-notch craftsmanship. Beautiful for real.
I was lucky enough to get an email one day from one "SaraCuda" telling me how she was stoked on the blog. I'm always glad to get feedback but I gotta tella ya, this one kind of caught me off-guard. First of all... Sara “Cuda”? Come on, how cool is that? Second: she's a chick, who digs on the van thing. Yea yea, I know, gender profiling or whatever, but seriously how many girls do you know that are into it? And C: she's in this little band called AC/DShe, maybe you heard of them?
So anyway, one online-stalker thing led to another and I found out that she was half of the Brew Holster Cult, along with her partner in rad “Rowdy Nici”. I begged and pleaded for one of the holsters with my van's name on it relentlessly. It was kind of hard to get her off her ass to make it for me but finally..... no, no, I kid. She seriously had it done in like 2 days, even shipped it to a friend in CA so I'd have it for the Van-In and be able to show it off.(Well, you all know how that turned out.) Anyway, if you're not into being a douche-bag you NEED to pick one of these things up, you won't be disappointed in the least, I'm tellin' ya... top-shelf shit!

Go HERE to check it out and be sure to visit back once in a while, they are going to be adding a few new styles to the mix soon.

Oh, and if you're a turd and haven't checked out AC/DShe yet, go HERE. Or check out this interview from Thrasher Mag a while back.

the Varmiter... for Lane

best how-to ever!

for the Dodge guys

Missing summer already...

These pics are super cool I can't remember where I found them.
If they're yours, let me know so I can give credit.

Wher did all the earlies go?

Nevermind... found 'em.  Now if I could just find my damn keys.

Winter's coming to Utah

All this Halloween stuff has got me to realizing that winter is just around the bend.
And, being Utah, a 4x4 certainly comes in handy for stuff like, oh, I don't know... getting the mail!
Quadravans rule, sure they're super-redneck but come on, they're so burly-rad!