Livin' it!

It's kind of weird how things come back around. Take the chopper thing for instance, that hit again... in a big way. And now were seeing a resurgence in Vanning. I read somewhere a while back where a guy was commenting about the old days of Vanning that he remembered as a kid. His dad and all his buddies were motorcycle guys, and as they started getting older, having kids with their old ladies etc, their choppers started to give way to a more family-friendly mode of transportation... vans. I think we're seeing this again today. I mean really, think about it, the age group is about the same, as is mentality, economic status etc. It's just the same natural progression happening all over again. I for one am settling down a bit the past couple of years, with a wife, a house, a kid, a couple dogs, oh and don't forget the J.O.B. Yea, I have responsibilities now but I still like getting loose with my friends, with a van I can spend time with my family and friends at the same time. Growing up and settling down doesn't mean going out without a fight. I will always love my bikes, I will always get out and ride whenever I can and I'm sure choppers aren't going anywhere, but vans are going everywhere! Live it!

This scan is from one of my old magazines. It's just a scan of a single page, no text, no captions, nothing just these 3 pics. It was part of a small article about clubs and van-ins being on the rise in popularity, pretty relevant as well. I just kept going back to this page and wondering why it was speaking to me the way it was. Guess that's what got me thinking about all this stuff. Pretty much sums it all up... getting crazy, then kids, then growing old... fat and happy.



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