Miss Behavin' For Sale in Idaho

This has been for sale for a little bit, don't think it's going to sale for the guys asking price but it's a pretty awesome van, most of it anyway. It does have a few goofy bits for sure.
Below is dudes ad, no phone #'s but if you want to get in touch with him I'm sure you can figure that out all by your big-boy self.


(Video after the pics)

A piece of Vanning History. She is a Legend from days gone by. All original from when she was built as a custom show van in the 70's. Has been in magazines. She is old and she is fragile yet she is not, she is a hippie that survived but considering she is original she looks dang good for her age. What has gone on inside her walls of green delight will always remain a secret.

This van has lots of history and will only be sold to a special owner that can appreciate what this van represents. I am only considering selling because I have another van I am working on.

The vinyl top was put on this by michael waltrip the nascar driver when he was younger and worked at Vessel Trim shop in Indiana.

It has lighting above the bed and green ground effect lighting under neath. It has two custom j&j fiberglass gullwing doors. It was also the feature van for the cover of j&j gullwing doors back in the 70's.

It ha soriginal cassette player and cb radio as well as lighting on spoiler and black custom running boards. It has driving lights and fog lights.

Tires are new, new exhaust and carb just rebuilt, gas tank recoated with new fuel sending unit and new power steering.

The inside of this van just plain knocks the socks off of people at car shows. It is an endless line of people looking inside of her. 302V8 Auto, swivel buckets and a bed and bar. If there is a new owner or adoptee I should say. You will need a shop to keep her safe and dry. She had the same owner for 30 years who did that for her and thats what she deserves.

If you do not or cannot understand why this van is priced more than the $1000 you wanna spend. Then you do not understand vanning and do not deserve to own such a treasure. $9500.00 Cheers!


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