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Finally got around to getting some decent pics of my '72 B100 Tradesman.
Picked this one up a while back, it wasn't much to look at then, but I like what it's turned into, and it runs like a top.
It's a little more 70's Muscle than straight Vannin' style.
Crappy body with a crappy single-stage paint job... 318/727... race buckets that swivel (weird, I know, but they're comphie.)... not really much else interior-wise, just a bunch of speakers and a sleeping bag.
The '75 that I  recently picked up will eventually replace this one and will be a bit more true to tradition... but for now she's my girl.


Shreddy Van Wailin' said...

this thing is mean! i am lovin' it bud!

damion saunders said...

Thanks Shreddy!

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