Damn, been working my ass off...

time for a little breather. Good drink, good smoke and a good jam.


What do we have... 3-ish weeks 'till the Van-In? This is what I'm looking at as of right now. No biggie, plenty of time to put in a new full interior, run all new wiring for lights and stereo, prep and mount new cargo doors and try to match the crappy paint-job, weatherstripping all around, new wheels and tires, install sunroof and bubble windows, install fender flares - and try to match the crappy paint-job (again), re-mount the sidepipes (to accommodate the fender flares), new shocks all the way around and new coils up front, then of course it will need to be aligned, sink/icebox cabinet, build a bed of some sort... I could go on for a minute.
All this and  for all intents and purposes, being a single parent to a 3yr old girl(my wife and I alternate work shifts so we can avoid day care costs) and juggling a dicked-out work schedule, my days off are in the middle of the week, yea, I'm here right now blogging because w'ere dead today, no customers = no money that helps to compound matters...
But whatever, can't wait for the road-trip, it's going to be rad to meet up with evcerybody. Just getting there is going to be a blast.

...Oh, and yes, that's a giant-ass hole in the floor behind the pass-rear wheel-well, I was going to patch it, maybe I'll just leave them in case I need to ditch anything along the way... :)

Keep On.

Uhh... hey.

Hey Bart...

isn't that your van up top there?... :)

...aint no Sausage

Love this hog-nose, very "Street" looking.

Early High-Boy

Lane's New Van

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, been busy,busy trying to get ready for the Van-In... and went on a crazy advanure with a good buddy of mine, who finally decided it was time to get in. First we headed up north to Idaho, couple hours one way, to see an early Chev and a hog-nose Dodge. The plan was to check out the hog-nose first just to see it and then drive another little ways to buy the Chev and (hopefully) drive it back home. Checked out the Dodge, it's a buyer for sure but the title is awol and the keys are in North Dakota or some shit, no biggie, we didn't plan on taking it home today anyway, we'll go back for it. While looking for dude's number with the chev, I ran across an ad that had just been listed for another hog-nose that looked awesome, bubble windows, good body, and a good runner. Freakout sets in, that shit is 4 hours... the other way!! Okay, relax, just get a hold of the guy and see if he'll hold it for us, after-all, it had just barely been listed. No answer on either number, left messages, texts... no answer. So what do we do? Go pick up the Chev as planned, or start driving the other way?! Got a text back from dude and he says it's still for sale, still cant get him in person, just that one text, wtf? Do you want to sell this or what? Stopped in a little park for a sec to stretch after being crammed in this broke-ass plastic Saturn that's on loan from his in-laws, he had already sold his daily to fund the van purchase, so we were stuck with the Saturn.
Still can't get hold of the guy so we decided to head back south and just hope it would be there waiting for us. Long, anxious ride to say the least... turns out the guy selling it was a high-school kid and couldn't use his phone in school. We finally were in contact with him about an hour from his house so all was good. Kids Mom even called us back and gave more info on it, she seemed super stoked on the van thing, I don't think she wanted him to sell it, she wanted him to fix it up so she could relive her younger years, she was rad. So all worked it's self out, van is top-notch, couple minor details to deal with but we got a killer deal on a killer van. Drove it home without any problems, well, except flying fiberglass insulation because the paneling had been taken down. But we made it without a hitch, literally.
I keep saying "we" for some reason, maybe because it would be in my driveway right now if you hadn't been in the market Lane... ass... congrats my friend!

Couple quick pics. It's a factory "silver" B100 which is super cool, and rare. It just has a very thin coat of reddish-plum over it, oh and the black house paint that's rolled on to cover up "Go Mustangs"... whatever, Impressive build sheet too, lots of factory options, air, single rear door, insulation package, black trim pkg, and factory cruise!, crazy.

Check out the creepy little ghost-like handprints on the sides, from all the little kids... nope,  I'm not even going to go there...

Rompin' Stompin'

This is one of my all-time favorite vans, and a heavy, heavy hitter back in the day. It burned to the ground on Oct.11.1977 then was later rebuilt as the "Phoenix", then... well, read the whole crazy, sad story here: Rompin'Stompin'

The Van

I've had this for 9 or 10 years and never noticed that typo on the back before.


Still playing with colors and stuff, but will send to print pretty soon.


Uhmmmm... yea... what?

More Oldies

Miss B's old Mural

Yea, I guess Miss Behavin' used to be a bit more colorful.


Do it in a Van

Found these at work the other day. They're from the old Philadelphia Eddy's Acetate Stencil Collection book from Chinatown Tattoo. Crazy.

New Sunroof

Wood Paneling Makeover

Just thought I'd share this. It's a no brainer really, but for those of you that haven't been able to find some good usable vintage paneling, this is what I ended up doing.

I found some unused real wood paneling, used would be fine too, whatever you can get a hold of. It was a horrible orangish color and pretty plain.
I experimented a bit with finishes and sanding vs. not sanding. There's a sealer on the paneling to protect it so you have to get that all the way off. I nerded pretty hard on it, took me about 4 hours to sand 5 4x8 sheets using 3 different grits of paper. I wanted to bring out as much of the natural grain as I could before staining it.
A lot of the vintage paneling I've seen that I liked had a distressed look. I used a soldering iron for this, helps to have a good one that will stay hot, otherwise you'll be there all day on one sheet. Make sure to get the burns fairly deep too because you need to make one more pass with the sander after the texture.
Here's a close up of the color and texture after staining.
Completed panel, cut, textured and stained. Still needs some oil or other sealer to make it shine. I'm waiting until I dry-fit all the pieces inside the van before sealing though.

Group Therapy

Okay, gave you guys enough of a break from the reading.
Here's another great article about clubs from the early days of Vanning.

Keep on Truckin'

ya better take care, If I find you been creepin'...