Wood Paneling Makeover

Just thought I'd share this. It's a no brainer really, but for those of you that haven't been able to find some good usable vintage paneling, this is what I ended up doing.

I found some unused real wood paneling, used would be fine too, whatever you can get a hold of. It was a horrible orangish color and pretty plain.
I experimented a bit with finishes and sanding vs. not sanding. There's a sealer on the paneling to protect it so you have to get that all the way off. I nerded pretty hard on it, took me about 4 hours to sand 5 4x8 sheets using 3 different grits of paper. I wanted to bring out as much of the natural grain as I could before staining it.
A lot of the vintage paneling I've seen that I liked had a distressed look. I used a soldering iron for this, helps to have a good one that will stay hot, otherwise you'll be there all day on one sheet. Make sure to get the burns fairly deep too because you need to make one more pass with the sander after the texture.
Here's a close up of the color and texture after staining.
Completed panel, cut, textured and stained. Still needs some oil or other sealer to make it shine. I'm waiting until I dry-fit all the pieces inside the van before sealing though.


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