little progress

Mechanical is all done... she should float. New shocks all-around and raised the front up about an inch, still looks okay. Stance is still good, not as good, but with the front up a bit it rides a hell of a lot better, doesn't hop when I hit bumps now. Can't mount the fender flares because I can't find the rear wheels and tires I want, oh well, no biggie. If anybody has any 10" ARE torq II's lemme know. Also need some 295/50-15 BFG's. I know, radials are gay, but if ya have to drive a couple thousand miles to get somewhere, well, that's just what ya got to deal with. Oh, and no, I don't want Coopers, eat a dick les shwuab.

Best bubbles ever made.

Lane admiring the new ceiling.
I was trying to get a pic of the paneling but this guy had to pop it's head in... creep.


Jay Cruz said...

Damn man...
Your van looks amazing!!!
Best port hoLes for sure!
Wish you lived closer. Can't wait to meet you at the Van in. Radials aren't gay, they definitely drive and perform better than bias ply's. I love my mickey thompsons but, come on...
your van looks fucking bad ass!!!!!

damion saunders said...

Thanks Jay. It's really is photogenic, but no joke, it's a "30ft-er" for sure. It's pretty mangled, you'll see.

HighwayStar said...

Nice van !!! I know this is an old post but where do you get a set of seats like you have ? They're exactly what I'm looking for thanks, pete

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