Brew Holster Cult

So some of you may have noticed the super-rad beer holder thingy hanging from one of my side cargo doors, the one with "Snake Bit" tooled into it? Yea, that one. It's made by a company called "Brew Holster Cult" out of CA. I can't say enough good stuff about this thing. Super detailed and top-notch craftsmanship. Beautiful for real.
I was lucky enough to get an email one day from one "SaraCuda" telling me how she was stoked on the blog. I'm always glad to get feedback but I gotta tella ya, this one kind of caught me off-guard. First of all... Sara “Cuda”? Come on, how cool is that? Second: she's a chick, who digs on the van thing. Yea yea, I know, gender profiling or whatever, but seriously how many girls do you know that are into it? And C: she's in this little band called AC/DShe, maybe you heard of them?
So anyway, one online-stalker thing led to another and I found out that she was half of the Brew Holster Cult, along with her partner in rad “Rowdy Nici”. I begged and pleaded for one of the holsters with my van's name on it relentlessly. It was kind of hard to get her off her ass to make it for me but finally..... no, no, I kid. She seriously had it done in like 2 days, even shipped it to a friend in CA so I'd have it for the Van-In and be able to show it off.(Well, you all know how that turned out.) Anyway, if you're not into being a douche-bag you NEED to pick one of these things up, you won't be disappointed in the least, I'm tellin' ya... top-shelf shit!

Go HERE to check it out and be sure to visit back once in a while, they are going to be adding a few new styles to the mix soon.

Oh, and if you're a turd and haven't checked out AC/DShe yet, go HERE. Or check out this interview from Thrasher Mag a while back.


andrewlw said...

Badass! Gonna order a vandoleros one.

jason webber said...

.....and they're hot.

liljack said...

That is killer, the band, the holster, all of it. I have to get a holster for the van.

County Of Angels said...

Nice find!

damion saunders said...

Awesome guys! Order away, seriously, they're super nice. Oh, and just so you know, they make good sandals too. har-har

Hey Andrew, add me as a member to the Vandoleros blog, or tell Jay to... SO I CAN FUCKING COMMENT!! Shit, dude never gives any love.
I need page 64 of the last mag you scanned, I was all into that Dodge 360 article, then got blue-balled. wHAtS?

KellsBells said...

Hot chicks doing cool stuff always rules! I don't know if I drink enough to have a holster though :) or maybe if I got the holster it would just be the push I need to drink more lol...Cool stuff.

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