Scramblin' Man's Van

I wonder who the "Famous Motorcycle Rider" was... anyone?

Amazing interior. Pretty boring on the outside but so many great ideas inside this thing. The floor I'm not too crazy about but I'm sure it was better than carpet for what it was intended for.

"How it Do" Lowering

Hey Chase, did you get it figured out yet?

I've done this twice now. I just used an angle-grinder and didn't have any heat issues at all. Guess that "technology" wasn't around when this article was written.


Hey Andrew! more "Rolling Inferno".

Gregg Carney's "Rolling Inferno"

kuh-kuh-kuh, killer paint. Ohh, and one of the best icebox murals ever...

...ever! (see how i said "one" of the best ever? That's so's I can change my mind later, uhm-hmm.)


Hey... Nice Adss! "Show Muff"

Hey... Nice Adss! "Feel It"

Mr. Bojangles

Check cat's sunroof.

Randy Phillippe's "Heaven Sent"

For the most part... this is pretty cool. Some of it is a tad overdone, and maybe a bit too pretty, but still a great idea.
...huh, listen to me... like I have any right to talk smack on this thing. That took a ton of work to make, and... it really is pretty damn cool. I can't do that, I wouldn't have been able to make it, I'm going to shut-up now. (But it does look kind of plastic-ie, doesn't it?)