Ohh damn... Walter Richard's "Rompin' Stompin'"... again

Here it is... the apex of the Rompin' Stompin' saga.
I'm not one to advocate the car-grill thing, but damn... just damn.
Too bad it ended the way it did, just cursed I guess.

Okay guys, I need a little help...

I'm looking for a looong wheel-base (that's 127" for you nerdy types) mid-Dodge Tradesman, B100 or B200. Crazy, I know, but whatever. Needs to be straight and rust-free, un-molested, and I'd prefer a slider side door and a 360 or even a big block, but not absolutely mandatory. Up to '77 ONLY!! The older the better but doesn't much matter. Price is an object, but I'll look at anything. I'll even consider trading a killer '76 109" for it... maybe, depends... I have too many shorts, need something different. Hit me here.

Oh, and NO maxi-pads!

one more time around... Rompin' Stompin'

Arts and Crafts time

So, I thought this would be fun for you all, I even thought about having a contest to see who could make it the coolest... until I tried it myself... holy shit it's a sucker. Don't even try it, or do, whatever. All I can say is that I'll never get those 5 hours of my life back.

Council of Councils this Weekend!

Have a great time out there in Buena Park brothers and sisters!
Wish I could join you but it's just not in the cards this year.
I'm there in spirit though!

"Lawrence of Arabia"... no, really.

This is a Ford MK1 Transit, if you were wondering. Weird British stuff. They're teenie-tiny. The wheels on it are probably 12's.

mid-century mid...err, mod?

Don't know this mid-Econoline

anyone have a name and owner for it? I could probably have made-up a name and nobody would have ever known.

call me crazy but...

doesn't this Chev look an awful lot like Yosimite Sam's? What is it's name... Chase? Any idea?

TransAm Van

Rick Hooper's "Nautilus"

More "Captain's Cabin"

not a Van... but damn.


Take 'em or leave 'em. Personally I prefer stock, in most cases. I do kind of like the twisted bar in the mid Ford though

Hey... Nice Adss! "Cloverleaf"

I think this one has made the rounds already but hey, I love balloons.

Harold Walton's "the Captain's Cabin"

Here it is kiddos, the one and only...

As you may know, I've been a huge fan of Harold's the Captain's Cabin far a long time, honestly one of my all-time favorites. I even gave it "special" attention in the Vanning and Beach Daze vid.
It's a bit different in this spread, but just as amazing, maybe even better with the fancy paint.

Funny thing is...

I don't believe I've ever even posted a pic of Vangina... Might have to someday, I'm sure I have a couple pics of it other than this one.

Maybe it's because I look just like that guy?

Walter Richard's "Rompin' Stompin'"

So glad I came across this. I've never seen Walt's "Rompin' Stompin'" in this early of an incarnation before. It's has always been one of my favorites but I must say, I think I like this early version best. The interior is a bit too intense for my tastes but exterior wise, it's nearly perfect.

...beautiful in it's simplicity.
...let it soak in.

Here's the later versions, in case you missed the link above.

Rompin' Stompin'