Ohh damn... Walter Richard's "Rompin' Stompin'"... again

Here it is... the apex of the Rompin' Stompin' saga.
I'm not one to advocate the car-grill thing, but damn... just damn.
Too bad it ended the way it did, just cursed I guess.


Chase said...

with all the wackyness going on I had no idea it was even chopped!

NoOneRidesForFree said...

Yea, right? That totally blew me away too. I read that and was all like "whaaaa?". Took a double take. Never ever noticed that, and 4" isn't a mild chop either.

kevracer said...

what tail lights are those on the van?

livewire said...

Love that van. All versions of it. It was being rebuilt again in the 80's when Walter went lost at sea.
The tail lights are 1969 Plymouth Cricket. Brad

Zinapw8 said...

Thank you for this post. I no longer have any pictures of the Phoenix. Zina (Walter's niece)

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