Walter Richard's "Rompin' Stompin'"

So glad I came across this. I've never seen Walt's "Rompin' Stompin'" in this early of an incarnation before. It's has always been one of my favorites but I must say, I think I like this early version best. The interior is a bit too intense for my tastes but exterior wise, it's nearly perfect.

...beautiful in it's simplicity.
...let it soak in.

Here's the later versions, in case you missed the link above.

Rompin' Stompin'


frankiealvaro said...

dude! this shits so awesome! do you have a plethora of books or what?!

NoOneRidesForFree said...

Hey Frankie.
Yea, I've got a couple, and some good friends in the scene. ;)

Unknown said...

Wow! This brings back some great memories. Walter Richards is my uncle. He went fishing in April of 1988 with three of his buddies and was lost at sea. Thank you for this post!

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