Rich Lybarger's "Stairway to Heaven"

Clean, classic and uber shiny. Love it for it's simplicity, but damn that Big Momma is mounted high!

Ron Kassebaum's "Guru"

For Match...I saw your post and had this q'd up and ready to go. There's another around here somewhere too and I thought I'd done a third but didn't see it anywhere. I'll dig it up and see if it has a street-side pic.

Wild West Coast Vans

Here is one of, if not, the first widely publicized articles on the vanning culture. It's is an absolute must-read. I'm so stoked to share this gem from 1971, it's truly one of the best articles ever written.

I might as well hang-it-up now that this one is posted.

Longside-Dodge Swinger Van

Sneak peak of the newness... yup, coming soon.

Soooo excited about this project. I've got big plans for this big van... stay tuned.
Thanks Johnny!!

Lane's van tattoo

Lane finally got in to the shop today for this ...

So Lane... I guess your econo is going to be green then?

Dave Brewer's "Beerman"

Oh yea, you heard me.... BEERMAN!!

Special thanks to Dirty Donny for the first pic.

some pics from yesterday

The "fleet" at Lane's house, part of it anyway. It was cool to see 4 of our 6 vans together so I thought I'd get a couple pictures. Soon it will be down to 5, then hopefully 4.
That '76 Dodge on the far left is for sale in the "Junk Yard" section.

...and I know, gay iPhone pics that everybody and their dog uses, whatever.