Wild West Coast Vans

Here is one of, if not, the first widely publicized articles on the vanning culture. It's is an absolute must-read. I'm so stoked to share this gem from 1971, it's truly one of the best articles ever written.

I might as well hang-it-up now that this one is posted.


BajaCharlie said...

funny he says VW's and panels dont cut it but the first page has a shot of a bus then the last page caraVAN shot looks to have a sedan delivery at the end.Oh and he's right hotrodders beware!!

Tiki Bob said...

Greetings Brother Damion, This article brings back a flood of wonderful memories of a long ago, by gone era in time, in the emerging West Coast Van Scene. Back then, the Vanners and their Vans were pretty basic and practical. Ah, but how time and "progress" ($$$) move forward. Forever Changes. Thanks for posting and sharing Damion! Tiki Bob :-)

damion saunders said...

Thank you Brother Bob, for turning me onto it!

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