"Me Time"... got a haircut and a sweet new tatty

I know, "which hair?", right? That's what my Dad used to always say.

Welcome to the "Lanebulance"

Yea, Lane bought an ambulance... '75 I think, for like $350 and get this, 27k og miles on a 360 with an AC/DC alturdnader! It's just a donor for his 80, but we're going to get lots of goodies from it.
And just so everybody knows... I had nothing to do with this purchase :)

Center-caps are for pussys

Oh no he didn't!!

sorry about the lack of posts lately...

...but this one pic will more than make up for it!

I'd ride that little black bitch to Born-Free for sures.

do it in a van

Got this coolness in the mail last week from Joe Dirt, errr Dirty Joe... uhh Dirty Donny? Yea, that guy.

I think he's in a really cool van club too...

Not sure if he still has any available but if he does you better grab one, they're super limited and crazy cool! Go here or be queer. Or try

Thanks D! (Glad to see you got my address right :/ )

Harold Olsen's "Busy Bee"

Another fave early. You may remember seeing it the "Vanning and Beach Daze" vid.

more Tom Moore's "Evergreen"

hmmm... a lot different in this version.

Mark Danielli's "Orange Pearl"

Ed Sly's "Black Diamond Express"

Awesomenest Chev! Minus the crazy whale-tail anyway. I don't post many Chevys. It's not that I don't like them, quite the opposite really, I've actually been looking at one here locally... I don't put them up here because there just weren't that many great ones until later in the 70's. Most were Dodge and Ford, but man, when a Chev is done right, its right!

Plain Jane

Longside Ford!! This van kills me.