Window On The World

Arnold Diffie's "Canyon State Van"

Richard Podwoski's "Out of the Blue"

IMP Boat/Trailer thingy

I've been working a little minor restoration on this cool little guy for my neighbor. I think it's 50's, early 60's. The company, Iola Molded Plastics, normally made fullsize boats. This one might be the only one known to exist... and he wants me to do some things to it that will take away from the originality. Oh well, If I don't do it, someone else will do it worse. It's the coolest little trailer ever though!


One of the local yards welds wheels together to get the cars up, I'm sure you've seen it before. You probably haven't seen it done with a TruSpoke though.

Tim trike

DSTim unveiled his trike on the world today... DSDamn!

Great job man!

Get Classy

Top shelf brombres doing great things, show your support! If you're lucky, you might be able to still get your pre-orders in... but hurry, I hear it's going fast.

Tim's a van guy too, here's his awesome mid Dodge. All the right stuff. Maybe they'll put some vans in an upcoming issue? Maybe not but I'll bet we'll be seeing some trikes!

p.s. don't even think about ordering a classy tank-top... they're all mine! Click below to order now!

Truckin' ... yup...

...that's right, I love trucks, there, I said it. Love 'em, at least the ones that look like this. You'll be seeing more of them here, maybe some other wheeled stuff too. Don't take it the wrong way, or do, whatever, you can always change the channel.

Kolor Me Kustom's Ranchero... huh?!

Jams? God-damn right!

It's been a while since I've been blargin', too long actually. Every-time I sit down to do this stuff I open up the Vandoleros site just so I can get lost in Jay's playlist. I never did one of my own because, well, there's just no need! Shit is so summer I can't stand it. I should steal his code and put it here... oh wait, what? (smiley)

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Al Walker's "Royal Coach"

...and one of the best van magazine covers ever. RV Van World always had the best covers.

Jay, Andrew... are you guys seeing those damned headlights? Uh-huhh, right?


The season is officially in swing... I'm assuming that everyone has their interiors done, yea? It's nice to have a van that's pretty on the outside but it's the inside that really counts. That's where the soul is.