West Coast Van Nats... this weekend in King City

This is an old show kiddies. One of the earlier CA shows and this is it's 39th year. I think this event even pre-dates some of the oldtimers that are still vanning today, crazy. Just for fun I thought I'd dig up this article on numero uno. I'm a bit confused though, this article was published in '74 as you can see, but didn't it happen in '72? Now I'm no rocket-surgeon but if this year is the 39th, that puts the first in '72. (Brad?, a little help here?) Whatever, It's prob just the lack in publications early-on, dude probably wrote the article and HotRod shelved it for a year. The first real article on vanning wasn't until '71 anyway, and it wasn't until '75ish that anything van exclusive even appeared. Anyway... 39 years, damn!
Weird to think my '72 Dodge was on the showroom floor when this event first went down.
Have fun up there guys, be crazy!

Click here for the flyer if you're interested in going.


livewire said...

The 1st West Coast Van Nationals was held in King City in Oct.1973. Here's a link to the event from that year.

damion saunders said...

Haha, see I told ya I wasn't smart real good.
So '73 then, thanks Brad! I'd forgotten about that YouTube clip, that was one that I watched over and over too. I should link it up again.
Oh and Brad, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you on that picture you were wondering about, I forgot exactly which mag I scanned it from but I know the particular stack that it's in. As soon as my daughter gives me a free minute I'll go through them and find it for you.

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