1976 high option Tradesman 100.

318/727, good runner, oval portholes, factory cruise and air (don't know if either work but all the bits are there), body is great, nearly rust free, 2 or 3 small easily fixed dents, roof is unmolested, no interior except front seats. It has some black house paint in a couple spots that should come off with a pressure washer. The factory color is silver but was over-painted with a super thin coat of that weird red color. If you took your time you could lightly sand the red off and get it back to the original silver... then make a clone of Chase's van :0
It still has the crappy 2bbl carb that may need to be rebuilt, maybe just cleaned, I don't know or care, I'd never run it with that anyway. Just junk it and get a 4bbl.


More about it here.